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Sometimes old news is good news

These days most interesting news is when a quote or sequence you originated decades ago turns up unexpectedly, sometimes  from the other side of the world.Norman Kirk is now best remembered for this line: Basically there are four thing that matter to people., they  have to have somewhere to live, they have to have food to eat, they have to have clothes to wear and they have to have something to hope for.  The words became a mantra for TVNZ’s  Sunday, and BBC’s Panorama; Jacinda Adern used them for her own campaign  to become New Zealand’s Prime Minister. But when did Norman say them? The only record is from my radio interview with him 1969 . They were broadcast when added then to the soundtrack of  documentary I made two weeks after his death in 1974. And I used to open the audio documentary BIG NORM I made for the NZ Labour Party. You can hear the quote